Dive Weh is a Tour and Dive Boat in Pulau Weh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Roving around the island’s snorkeling and dive sites, we guide you to Explore, Chill and Dive Pulau Weh like never before.

Explore Pulau Weh

Explore Pulau Weh with us, and find beautiful reefs teeming with marine life. you have to see it to believe it! Off the northwestern tip of Aceh, Sumatra, Weh has some of the best adventure diving and snorkeling Indonesia has to offer. Expect hordes of fish, eels, rays, gorgonian forests, coral and rock formations such as canyons, walls, plateaus and overhangs, even a manta or two. A one-of-a-kind center, Dive Weh will operate completely on water. Our boat will be decked out for tours – complete with snorkeling & diving gear, tanks, lounging area, sun deck and food service – to roam and serve customers all over Pulau Weh.

Check out some of our videos below. Diving, snorkeling tours and dolphins!

Our Tour and Dive Boat, MV Juhang


View of the boat as you approach it from the bow. Dive Weh bought a boat, changed the engine, remodeled/refurbished it, and gave the boat a real top-to-bottom makeover!

Dive Weh took one shark fisher off the market — and there are hordes of them in Aceh — and transformed it into a beautiful tour/dive boat. If the people in Aceh can see for themselves that tourism is a viable alternative to shark fishing, then we have contributed to the cause.

Wanna see some photos? Check out our newly remodeled Dive and Tour Boat — MV Juhang!

Our Services on Pulau Weh

We have some fantastic Dive Package deals, which include snacks and an awesome lunch. All-inclusive dive packages, where we organize everything for you — accommodation, meals, transportation, dives — so you can have an easy good time. 17-meter long Dive Weh boat can also be hired for island or beach hopping trips, snorkeling tours, or full-day / multi-day expeditions to islands like Pulau Breueh or Pulau Rondo (weather permitting). Need some convincing? Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Pulau Weh. Time to start planning your next tropical holiday 🙂

See our latest brochure below. Diving, snorkeling tours or boat charters, you choose. We have dives-only packages, or easy all-inclusive dive packages to suit your every need. Our Snorkeling Day Tours are amazing and should not be missed! For those who prefer to make your own plans, the boat charters are perfect. Click HERE for a price list summary. Dive Weh brochure pg1. Diving Snorkeling Boat Charter. Pulau Weh. Indonesia. Travel Dive Weh brochure pg1. Diving Snorkeling Boat Charter. Pulau Weh. Indonesia. Travel<strong></strong>

Note: Dive Weh is a Tour and Dive Boat in Pulau Weh, Aceh, Indonesia. We have almost 20 years dive professional experience in Southeast Asia. The co-owner is one of the only Acehnese PADI Instructors in the region, and we care very much about safety standards, quality and good times for our guests.

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