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Relax, unwind, chat with the locals, swim in the ocean blue, are so many wonderful reasons to visit Pulau Weh.

Let this Pinterest board speak volumes.

And here are 5 more reasons to travel to Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia.

1. Because you can

Traveling to Pulau Weh has never been easier. With AirAsia and Firefly, you can fly direct from popular transit points in Malaysia — Kuala Lumpur & Penang. This is in addition to national flights within Indonesia. After your flight, just hop on the local ferry at Uleelhue harbour for a 45min ride, and you’ll be skimming your toes in Weh’s blue waters in no time.

2. A relaxing place to get stuck in

You are in the midst of a crazy, fun, but tiring tour of Sumatra. After weeks of long, smoky, sweaty minibus rides, moldy mattresses and a barrage of opportunist hustlers, you arrive in Weh island. Ah, to fall asleep in a gently swaying hammock, with waves lapping at the edge of your bungalow! Ah, for fresh cooked, delicious fare, pleasing all palates, from curries to pastas and sandwiches from homemade bread. Ah, to laid back and honest locals, who are more likely to get cheated than to cheat you themselves! To paddle, swim, snorkel and dive in clear azure waters, surrounded by a gazillion fishes everyday! It is no wonder many a traveler plan to visit for a week and end up staying for a month, 3, 6 months or more.

3. Comfortable and yet affordable

There are a wide range of budget-friendly establishments on Weh Island. It is one of those places where you can get a roomy beach hut or bungalow, with a balcony and sea-front view on the cheap. Angling for something a bit more comfortable? In the past few years, newer accommodations have popped up, with air-conditioning, basic kitchenettes, western-style bathrooms and toilets and in rare cases, hot showers *swoon*.

4. The beautiful blue

Pulau Weh is surrounded by deep blue seas, and the snorkeling and diving here can be pretty amazing. Because of the ocean currents and depth around the island, Pulau Weh is blessed with superb visibility (20m-40m) and diverse fish life (about 300 species, wow). Local communities in Iboih and Gapang, where most tourist activities are centered, are also environmentally conscious. The villages here have practiced community-based marine protection for years, the most successful one we have ever seen. As a result, the fish density is astounding. Many travelers say, it is like swimming in fish soup!

5. Tranquil community life

Snorkeling, diving and baking in the sun is one thing. What many a returning traveler love about Pulau Weh is that here, if you play your cards right, you can really make friends and build good relationships with the locals. We do not know what that X factor is. Maybe it is because Acehnese are proud and brave people — they have a long history of fighting for autonomy — and thus treat foreign tourists as equals. They are also peace-loving, ironically, and you will not find a safer place than Pulau Weh. Being a relaxed people who love their Acehnese coffee, just step into the villages in the evenings and you will find them sitting under trees or on outdoor benches, sipping the dark, aromatic local brew, as their children run and frolic about. Join them for a chat, a game of chess, buy someone a coffee… And hey, life just cannot get better 🙂


Panoramic view of Sabang, Pulau Weh. From

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