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There are lots of resources out there about Pulau Weh and Aceh in general. We’d like to give you a headstart on your travel research!

Some websites are full of information to help you plan your travel itinerary. Others are anectodal accounts to give you a feel of what is like to explore this unique region called Aceh, with personal stories and people encountered. Some are written by diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, intent on delving under Pulau Weh waters.

This is a living list that we will keep updating over time. Compliments of Dive Weh 🙂

Disclaimer: None of these are our material. We just looked through the web for blogs and articles that match our own experiences of Pulau Weh and Aceh. If you own any of these articles, a big thank you from us for introducing Pulau Weh to the world! We would love it if you linked back to us. If you would like to remove your article from this list, do let us know.

Dawn in Iboih Channel, Pulau Weh, Aceh, Indonesia

Iboih, Pulau Weh. Credit: CC by Kong SG, from Flickr.

Travel Blogs: about Aceh and Banda Aceh

Bethany, Simon & The World
Blog from Banda Aceh
A humorous account of weather, monuments, friendly people and lost in translation in Banda Aceh.

LittleNomadida visit to Banda Aceh
A summary of 3 places to visit in Banda Aceh

Traveling Amanda
Banda Aceh
An insightful post about leaving prejudices behind and experiencing Place & People for itself. This female travel blogger has been around Aceh with good memories. There is also a nice description of Banda Aceh as a city.

“Just friendly people with warmth and smiles.”
This traveler was lucky enough to talk to a few locals, thanks to a friend taking him around. No syariah police, just friendly people in Banda Aceh, he says. “The cute smiles and “Hello Kitty” handbag are a reminder to all those stupid, ignorant journalists who insist on denigrating Aceh as dangerous.” He also writes a more in depth historical account of Aceh, and about local female heroes.

Anecdotes about Sigli
The blogger talks about a different side of Sigli, where he visited villages abd talked to lots of people. Having a host family really helps. Read this for a road-less-traveled version of Sigli (although much of Sigli is such anyway 🙂


Travel Blogs: Pulau Weh

Traveling AmandaPulau Weh
A jolly account of her end of holiday trip to the end of Indonesia (or the begining!)

Kimberly CunPulau Weh
A birthday trip to Pulau Weh. Another travel blog story of our favourite island.

Jason & Dawnlike snorkeling in an aquarium
Really dig this entry as it is a detailed account of snorkeling in Pulau Weh (instead of diving). “You can see how happy the fish are, they are everywhere, in large numbers and enormous amounts of species, very healthy and prosperous.”

The Traveling DuriansHey, Pulau Weh
Short and sweet post about why Pulau Weh is their favourite island of all. The best thing about it are the photos!

Here is one in Bahasa Indonesia. I think the writer is a celebrity travel personality. This is her take on Pulau Weh, and a bunch of good photos probably by a professional photographer.


Travel Websites

Sumatra Ecotourism
Pulau Weh
A travel information site that is just choc-a-block full of useful information about travel destinations in Sumatra. We link up to the ones on Aceh & Pulau Weh (Sabang). It is a little outdated, so info about establishments may not be accurrate. However descriptions of places are still very detailed and spot on. We know the founder of the site, & he definitely knows the region well.

Sabang guide
The ever reliable wikitravel on Sabang. This is quite updated, except for pricing information. Informally written, but good source anyway. Information about accommodation, restaurants and activity shops for diving, snorkeling available here.

Pulau Weh
Compared to the other popular global travel websites like Lonely Planet, Travelfish does a more realistic and personal review of Pulau Weh, albeit extremely brief. As in, when we read their article, it sounds like the writers really went there, as they managed to capture the flavour of Weh Island.


If you want to know more, be sure to check out our own blog articles, Top Reasons To Visit Pulau Weh, and How To Get To Pulau Weh.



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