The New Remodeled Dive Boat: in pictures

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FINALLY, Dive Weh’s remodeled Boat is almost complete! Most of the structural work is done, the engine and DIY steering system, waterproofing, benches, solar panel… All that is missing is a barbeque pit (haha just joking).

Our Boat Journey

It took us a a while to get to this point — remodeling a dive boat is no joke. It is going on the 7th month now, since we bought the shark fishing boat end of August 2013. Altogether a long and eventful journey for us: days (and nights) of working on the boat, while raising capital and getting our small start-up ready.

The Dive Boat Description

We wanted a multipurpose craft, that can work for diving and leisure trips — like beach/island hopping, dolphin spotting, cruising and snorkeling. Folks can also charter the boat for the day, or use it to explore islands in multi-day expeditions. The Dive Weh boat is called JUHANG, which means “manta ray” in the local language. We just love the simplicity of the name, and hope it would be lucky in sightings too 😉 So without further ado, here are some of our photos of the BEAUTIFUL coverted shark fishing boat to leisure boat! Scroll through the photos below, and see captions for the relevant stories.

View of the boat as you approach it from the bow. Dive Weh bought a second-hand boat, changed the engine, remodeled/ refurbished it, and gave the old boat a real top-to-bottom makeover!
Juhang’s starboard view. You can see the cabin clearly, as well as the sitting area in the back.
Salim has been a real wizard at putting the boat together, as he has a fine eye and knack for the mechanical. He even upgraded the steering system himself! It used to be the old fashion type, where the captain would steer the boat with his foot, using a looong lever.
Here is a closeup of the steering system and wheel. We found this old-school steering wheel at a junk shop near Sabang. After scouring everywhere for a real captain’s wheel (including Banda Aceh), imagine our delight at finding it so close to home! Lucky us.
Here’s the really nice sitting-relaxing area towards the stern of the boat. We make sure everything on the boat is made with high-quality wood, then coated with waterproof paint. We even have a little old wooden canoe, bought from a rural Acehnese family near Meulaboh.
The platform at the stern of the boat. We will attach a metal ladder to the platform, to make it the exit and entry point for sun and sea worshipping folks. Of course, you can also dive off it. What else is it for ;-)
Can you see the design on the boat? Spot the letter "W" in Dive Weh? We also left the body of the boat cabin this woodsy colour. Makes Juhang look very natural and organic.
And here is a top view. You can see our sundeck with the banisters around it, as well as the solar panel on top. The sundeck roof was covered in a fine net, then painted over with epoxy and paint. So bums won’t get burnt by the hot sun, haha.
Finally, a look at the hull again from the base of the boat. You get to see the design that Salim painted on the hull. And how do you like our green and orange colour scheme?

We still have alot to do to get Juhang ready for diving, but you can already hire/charter the Dive Weh Boat for leisure activities, as well as half or full-day beach hopping, snorkeling trips. You can also hire the dive boat for multi-day expeditions. After all, Pulau Weh is not the only island around these parts. There is also Pulau Beras, Pulau Aceh… take friends and family out for a spin on Juhang, eh 🙂

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