Families have fun with the Snorkeling Day Tour

We had a really awesome time with two Italian-English families on a month-long vacation to Indonesia. They signed up for Dive Weh’s Snorkeling Day Tour, in and got a whole lot of fun in return.
Kids dive off Dive Weh boat, MV Juhang
Kids leaping from boat while parents film. Pulau Weh
Families catch some sun on the boat Pulau Weh
Not only did the adventurous and sporty group explore Pulau Weh and its reefs in a day, the women from our village also cooked them an authentic Acehnese-Indonesian PICNIC lunch. A delicious Soto, which is a fragrant coconut gravy-soup made with beansprouts and assorted vegetables. And Acehnese Fried Chicken made with herbs and spices, including lemongrass, pandan leaves and shallots. Served with steaming rice, fried tempeh, hard-boiled eggs and crispy keropok. YUMMY.

And did we mention dolphins? The happy families saw lots and lots of them. Dolphins just love our Dive Weh boat, MV Juhang 😉 We never ever stress or chase the beautiful playful creatures.

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