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Seradi Homestay

We live right on the edge of the sea in Pulau Weh, fronted by a beatiful Seradi tree. We have a guest bungalow on our 800sqm land, and would like to welcome you to stay.

Seradi bungalow or house for rent in Pulau Weh


The bungalow is fully furnished; do scroll to the end of the page for a summary of amenities and facilities. Our land is elevated well above sea level, and near (but not too near) a sweet little village called Pria Laot, which translates into Man of the Sea.


A fantastic location, our home is at the halfway point between Sumur Tiga Beach, Sabang town (the main town on Pulau Weh) and Iboih Beach. The Waterfall is the nearest landmark. There is a tiny village fishing port close by, fondly known as the Kuala or Rivermouth. Perfect for folks who want to live away from the touristy areas, who crave a little peace and quiet, but also want easy access to three main island hotspots (Sumur Tiga, Sabang Town and Iboih). You also get a feel for living near a small Acehnese community.

The Bungalow Is A Complete House

Pulau Weh homestay bungalow house view from outside

The Seradi homestay bungalow is a beauty in itself. Designed as a standalone unit, it comes complete with the amenities and facilities you need to set up a comfortable home-away-from-home. A wooden structure built “panggung” style, the house is on the 2nd floor, supported by sturdy concrete pillars. It has wall-to-wall glass windows/doors on two sides, and a huge terrace/balcony to relax in, overlooking the breathtaking Sabang Bay.

It is complete with a little kitchenette, double burner gas stove, refridgerator, blender, toaster, pots, pans, flatware, cutlery, tables and chairs, shelves, wall fan, mosquito net, sheets and laundry items. This is on top of a king sized springbed, attached bathroom with a western-style toilet, child-safe doors and railings. We co-own the unit with a Swiss-French family, so the bungalow even has some children’s toys.

A Little Background

For a short history of the Seradi homestay bungalow: our friends, Thom and Marie, built the house on our land off Pria Laot, and my husband, Salim, designed and constructed it. They vacation regularly to Pulau Weh for many years now, and felt that a child-safe home on their favourite island is worth the investment. Salim is quite the perfectionist and has an eye for simple, clean designs, and it shows on the unit. Our own home is next to the bungalow, done in a similar style. If you stay here, we are effectively your hosts 🙂

The View

And the view is truly spectacular. Not only do you overlook Sabang Bay, but you can see Pulau Rubiah, Pulau Seulako, and in the distance, Pulau Rondo. The bungalow is located near a rocky cliff by the sea, so you practically worship the sound of the waves. Sunsets are amazing, and it is fun to see the fishing action in the bay. And when it is anchovy season, oh my. At night, the ocean is dotted with fishing boats beautifully lighted in green, and the bay turns into a fairytale.

Tenants & Pricing

We favour tenants staying a week or more, up to 2 months, and this shows in the rental price of the Seradi homestay bungalow. As our tenants reflect on us, we prefer folks who appreciate living in a small village atmosphere and respect local customs/norms. You will be asked to sign a simple contract agreement outlining the above.

The pricing structure is as follows:

  • Less than a week: RP250,000 / night
  • One week or more: RP200,000 / night or RP1,400,000 a week
  • Two weeks or more: RP180,000 / night or RP2,500,000 for two weeks
  • One month or more: RP150,000 / night or RP4,500,000 a month

Summary of Facilities & Amenities

Here is a summary of the amenities, and some more info that you will find useful.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Complete kitchenette with flatware, cutlery, pots & pans
  • Gas stove
  • Medium-sized refrigerator
  • Blender & toaster
  • Furnished with tables, chairs & shelves
  • King-sized bed
  • Bathroom with western toilet
  • Large wall fan

Additional info

  • You can do your own cooking. However, if you like, we can arrange for you to “rantang” with a family in the village. The family will cook for you and send the food to your house in a tiffin carrier. Just wash and leave the tiffin carrier outside for your next meal. Expect local food such as rice and curries.
  • Do your own laundry, or you can borrow our washing machine next door. Only RP30,000 per load. There is a drying area under the bungalow. Alternatively, we can arrange for someone in the village to do your washing.
  • For internet, you can buy a local prepaid packet (Telkomsel) equipped with 3G.  We do the same. It is only about RP35,000 for a 2 Gig packet.
  • You must rent a motorbike for your stay. We do not offer the service, but can help hook you up with a provider in Iboih. THe motorbike rental price will depend on how long you are staying.


So if you want a home away from home in Pulau Weh, look no further. Just CONTACT US here.

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